Real Estate Law

Our real estate division is experienced and busy all year round! With the support of our competent team, our staff can help you:

  • buy your condo
  • buy your house
  • buy your house trailer
  • sell your home property
  • sell your rental property
  • sell your commercial property
  • refinance for new projects
  • create or review rental agreements
  • eviction help for rental properties

Whether you are purchasing your first house, looking for more room for your family, or preparing for retirement, you can depend on our staff every step of the way. Your home is your castle, and we can help you find and maintain it with ease!

Contact us for more information.

Remote Witnessing

We are now able to use remote witnessing procedures when signing your Real Estate transactions!

In October, 2021 the provincial government brought into force new regulations which allow for remote witnessing on a permanent basis. The new rules have specific steps to be followed to make sure proper identification is provided and the document is correctly witnessed.

We are excited to be able to help clients:

  • who may be ill,
  • without transportation,
  • have difficulty taking time away from work, or
  • live out of town or province.

Let us know if you will need this service when contacting us about your real estate sale or purchase!

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