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What You Can Expect

  1. Conflict Search.  Prior to receiving confidential information from you, we need to check to make sure that we do not have a conflict preventing us from meeting with you. We need the correct spelling of your name for this.

  2. Background Information.  The next step is our staff will ask for background information, to explain the initial consultation process and to provide you with our lawyers’ rates for this service.

  3. Initial Consultation. Your initial consultation for a family law matter (usually a one to two-hour meeting) gives us the opportunity to explore your circumstances and desired outcome. We will be able to provide you with legal information and discuss with you the processes and options available to you.
  4. Retainer.  If you wish to proceed and we agree to take on your case, we will enter into a retainer agreement prior to moving forward. We will discuss those terms with you as they vary case by case.

  5. Moving forward. After retaining us, we will further discuss with you the plan and process that we feel will work the best for you in your particular circumstances.

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