What to Expect

Conflict Search.  Prior to receiving confidential information from you, we need to check to make sure that we do not have a conflict preventing us from meeting with you. A “conflict of interest” is defined as the existence of a substantial risk that a lawyer’s loyalty to, or representation of, a client would be affected by:

    • the lawyer’s own interest or
    • the lawyer’s duties to another client,
    • a former client or
    • a third person.

The risk must be a genuine, serious risk to the duty of loyalty or to client representation arising from the retainer.

In order to determine whether there is a conflict, we need the correct spelling of your name as well as the other party. It can take a few minutes to complete this search, so we may ask for your phone number to call you back in a few minutes.

Background Information.  Once we’ve determined there is no conflict, our staff will

    • ask you what area of law you require,
    • explain the initial consultation process for that area of law, and
    • provide you with our lawyers’ rates for this service.

This helps you understand the process of working with us.

Initial Consultation. Your initial consultation with a lawyer allows:

    • you to share about your circumstances,
    • you to explore the outcome you would like to pursue,
    • us to provide you with legal information and explain processes, and
    • us a chance to discuss the options available to you.

This allows you to move forward with a plan.

Retainer.  Once we’ve agreed to work together, we may enter into a retainer agreement. We will discuss those terms with you as the rates vary case by case.

Moving forward. After retaining us, we will further discuss with you the plan and process that we feel will work the best for you in your particular circumstances.